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Know Crunches Types

Crunches are activities you have to do in the event that you need incredible abs and center. It works the rectus abdominis muscle. The crunches are principally only a center working activity and smolders less calories nearly, yet they move in a controlled way, utilizing and discharging the center muscles in this manner assembling the abs. The numerous varieties of crunches have been produced to concentrate on various muscle assembles in a similar region other than the rectus abdominis that is the main muscle concentrated on by general crunches.

Since crunches practice is more controlled, it can help you enhance your emphasis on your practice schedule. What’s more, as it doesn’t utilize any hardware, you can do it anyplace. This practice can likewise enhance your muscle quality and adaptability.

Here are some types of crunches, how to do it and its benefits.

# The Basic Crunch

# Reverse Crunch

The reverse crunch is done by lying flat on your back and putting your leg up at 90 degree. Place your hands facing the ground on either side of your body. If you are starting out, you can place the hands behind your hip for added support. Then, using your core muscles in a controlled manner; pull up your legs and hips towards the ceiling while bringing your knees towards your chest. Then return to start position. During this exercise, try not to use too much momentum or to do it so fast that you hurt yourself. Repeat as many times as you can.

# Vertical Leg Crunch

To do this crunch, lie flat on your back with your arms straight. Lift your leg together and heels’ facing the ceiling till it is directly above your hips. Then raise your arms to almost touch the feet with your fingers while pulling in your belly button to stabilize your position using your ab muscles. Your torso will look almost like a U shape. Breathe slowly, control the movement and repeat for 8-15 reps.

# Long Arm Crunches

To do this crunch, lie flat on your back with your knees propped up. If you want more resistance you can keep your legs straight out. Your arms should be above your head. Clasp them together. Using your core muscles, lift the upper part of your body. Make sure not to strain your neck. Repeat it for 8-15 times.

# Bicycle Crunch

This workout not only worked the rectus abdominis, but also works the upper abs. You can do this work out by lying flat on your back with your hands behind your head. Lift your knees off the floor towards your chest. First rotate to the right and try to meet the left knee with the right elbow while you extend the right leg straight out and then do the opposite side by trying to meet the right knee with the left elbow.

# Double Crunches

This is a basic crunch and reverse crunch exercise together. Just lie on your back with your knees at a 90 degree angle and hands behind your head. Lift up your hips off the floor like in a crunch and lift up the shoulder blades off the floor like in a basic crunch. Try to squeeze the core and control the position. Then return back to start position.