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Fitness Weight Training

Finding out about wellness weight preparing will be extremely helpful for you. Along these lines you will have the capacity to comprehend what workouts are going to work best for you and how you can most rapidly and effectively get in shape and get fit as a fiddle.

There are a couple of various viewpoints to wellness weight preparing specifically that you are going to need to know about, and by finding out about these wellness weight preparing pointers you will have the capacity to ensure that you generally get the most out of every last workout. Whether you are keen on online wellness preparing or simply working out at your nearby exercise center, you will locate the accompanying data extremely valuable.


One of the best wellness weight preparing tips is to keep up strong adjust. When you are outlining a program, you have to choose a comparative number of activities and sets for contradicting muscle bunches. Along these lines you won’t be left with a very much conditioned abdominal area and lacking lower body, for example.

Starting back after a layoff can certainly be difficult, but with the right advice it does not have to be. When you are starting back to your fitness routine after skipping it for an extended period of time, for whatever reason, it is advisable to perform only one light set during the first couple of workouts. This way you can work your way back up and get into the grind again, without rushing yourself and pushing yourself too far.

Another important fitness weight training tip is to monitor your muscle gains. With an accurate body weight, a body composition test will be able to measure both muscle mass and fat weight. You should consistently and objectively monitor muscle mass gains every month, and then if you are not seeing any improvements you will know that you should mix up your fitness routine and add in different exercises to get the results that you are looking for.

You can always speak to a personal trainer or nutritionist for more information on this, and for great firsthand advice on what you can do to get in shape and look and feel great. Make exercise an essential part of your life, because it really is if you want to live long and happily. You may even want to get your friends or family members in on this so you have someone to head to the gym with or talk about fitness with.

Swimming Exercises

swimmingSwimming is a commendable oxygen consuming activity which is ended up being useful for keeping up an adaptable and conditioned body. It’s optimal for the anxious and circulatory framework and the effect it applies due to the cardio workout keeps the body from illnesses identified with the apprehensive or circulatory framework. You may have heard that swimming is an incredible work out, yet may not know about the real swimming activity benefits. This is what you have to think about swimming activities.

There might be a few difficulties that you may confront as an apprentice. Above all else is the dread of water. Furthermore, it is finding out about swimming strokes and after that comes the critical piece of breathing while you swim.

Basic Of Swimming

As a novice, taking in a casual way can seem, by all accounts, to be marginally troublesome. The dread of suffocating will keep you down, however this is the most fundamental thing you have to ace in the event that you need to learn swimming.

Take after the tips and procedure said here to ace the ability breathing when swimming :

  • Relax : Relaxing the face, jaw, mouth, and neck muscles is the most key ability you have to figure out how to inhale appropriately while swimming. It is critical not to tense and hold the breath submerged amid swimming.
  • Exhale : when the face enters the water, the mouth should be somewhat open with a tad bit of air going in the middle of the lips. It is imperative that the air is extinguished gradually. Breathing out too quick may deter the following inward breath, creating hyperventilation.
  • Inhale: We know that inhaling comes naturally and should not be forced. It has been observed that most swimmers breathe in through the mouth.
  • Prolong Exhalation: The period of exhalation should be twice as much as the inhaling time. This ensures relaxed breathing, which prevents hyperventilation.
  • Stay Calm: The most crucial thing to remember is not to panic in the water. If you happen to gobble up some water accidentally, then shape the tongue as you would do while pronouncing the alphabet K. This prevents the water from passing down the throat.\

Swimming Exercises

1. Freestyle

The swimmer is independent to swim in any style, and the most common and the fastest is the front crawl. Beginners who are uncomfortable in water are often advised to perform this technique as it is easy to practice. With moderate to high intensity, it burns around 500-700 calories.

2. Backstroke

This is the only swimming style which has a different start. Here, the breathing is simple and it works on arms, shoulders, legs, buttocks and stomach, burning 500 calories in an hour.

3. Breaststroke

Here the swimmer is on his chest and swims without moving his trunk. It burns approximately 720 calories using this stroke for an hour. It functions on shoulders, legs, hamstrings, triceps, and inner thighs and makes the chest muscle strong.

4. Butterfly

Here, the swimmer is on his breast where both the arms are moving simultaneously, with the butterfly kick. It increases flexibility, functions on arms, back muscles, triceps, abdomen, and chest.  It is the toughest stroke which requires extensive energy which helps to burn around 800 calories in an hour.

5. Dog Paddle

It is a very simple style where the swimmer lies on his chest, head up and paddle his hands and legs in an alternative manner imitating how dogs swim. This style is not used in competitions, but the only benefit is to simmer down the body in water.

6. Sidestroke

The swimmer lies on one of their sides with their arms and legs are in asymmetrically positioned motion. It is a very useful technique for lifesaving purpose and can also be used for covering long distances having minimal exertion. No stress to the shoulders, knees, and the lower back is put and can be used as a tranquilizer.

7. Streamline

 It is used in the underwater swimming that goes before every kind of stroke at the start of any race. It is usually done to hike the speed as it lowers the resistance by streamlining the body with dolphin kicks. It requires stretching of the arms and legs.

8. Flutter Kick

It is a simple swimming exercise than breaststroke and dolphin kick but doing this productively takes a lot of effort and time. It engenders the muscle contraction of the thigh and works on the hamstrings, calves, glutes and different muscles in the feet.

9. Trudgen Crawl

Unlike front crawl, scissor kick is used instead of a flutter kick. It is less tiring for distance swimming than the front crawl, works on the back muscle which should be straight and as well as on the calves which makes them stronger.

10. Underwater Swimming

Swimming under water can be done in any way, mostly trudgen strokes. But the vital thing is holding the breath under water which helps in increasing and sprouting lung volume and improves the balance of nervous system.

Know Crunches Types

Crunches are activities you have to do in the event that you need incredible abs and center. It works the rectus abdominis muscle. The crunches are principally only a center working activity and smolders less calories nearly, yet they move in a controlled way, utilizing and discharging the center muscles in this manner assembling the abs. The numerous varieties of crunches have been produced to concentrate on various muscle assembles in a similar region other than the rectus abdominis that is the main muscle concentrated on by general crunches.

Since crunches practice is more controlled, it can help you enhance your emphasis on your practice schedule. What’s more, as it doesn’t utilize any hardware, you can do it anyplace. This practice can likewise enhance your muscle quality and adaptability.

Here are some types of crunches, how to do it and its benefits.

# The Basic Crunch

# Reverse Crunch

The reverse crunch is done by lying flat on your back and putting your leg up at 90 degree. Place your hands facing the ground on either side of your body. If you are starting out, you can place the hands behind your hip for added support. Then, using your core muscles in a controlled manner; pull up your legs and hips towards the ceiling while bringing your knees towards your chest. Then return to start position. During this exercise, try not to use too much momentum or to do it so fast that you hurt yourself. Repeat as many times as you can.

# Vertical Leg Crunch

To do this crunch, lie flat on your back with your arms straight. Lift your leg together and heels’ facing the ceiling till it is directly above your hips. Then raise your arms to almost touch the feet with your fingers while pulling in your belly button to stabilize your position using your ab muscles. Your torso will look almost like a U shape. Breathe slowly, control the movement and repeat for 8-15 reps.

# Long Arm Crunches

To do this crunch, lie flat on your back with your knees propped up. If you want more resistance you can keep your legs straight out. Your arms should be above your head. Clasp them together. Using your core muscles, lift the upper part of your body. Make sure not to strain your neck. Repeat it for 8-15 times.

# Bicycle Crunch

This workout not only worked the rectus abdominis, but also works the upper abs. You can do this work out by lying flat on your back with your hands behind your head. Lift your knees off the floor towards your chest. First rotate to the right and try to meet the left knee with the right elbow while you extend the right leg straight out and then do the opposite side by trying to meet the right knee with the left elbow.

# Double Crunches

This is a basic crunch and reverse crunch exercise together. Just lie on your back with your knees at a 90 degree angle and hands behind your head. Lift up your hips off the floor like in a crunch and lift up the shoulder blades off the floor like in a basic crunch. Try to squeeze the core and control the position. Then return back to start position.

Tips to Increase Height In Kids

As a parent, we as a whole need our children to grow up to be tall grown-ups. In this day and age, numerous children are much taller than what their folks were amid their youth. Be that as it may, there is a little rate of children who are not as tall as their companions. Concerned guardians search for sound approaches to ensure that their children become taller. Sound nourishments that advance development and practice are fabulous choices as they don’t require taking any supposed pharmaceuticals to advance tallness in children.

Accordingly, it is a perfect time for you regardless the practice so that your cohorts don’t hit the development spurt while you linger behind.

How to Increase Height In Children

There is no mystery for expanding tallness overnight. You may have seen the promotions in daily papers and on TV which claim to accelerate stature however trust me, a large portion of them are counterfeit. They don’t really have any effect on the development of individuals. On the other hand, eating such non-physician recommended medications can prompt to a few physical confusions.

Henceforth, you ought to never consider those promotions important. It is still conceivable to build tallness when you are youthful. Also, accomplishing the objective here requirements exertion and tolerance. Here are some straightforward rules that genuinely work to expand the tallness of children.

1. Balanced Diet For Overall Growth

The first step for acquiring height is eating a balanced diet. If you truly want to have an enviable height, you should keep aside the burgers, cola, and chips. Switch over to a healthy diet style in place of the junk foods. A balanced diet would make you stronger by every means. Combine your platters with all types of nutrients containing protein, carbohydrates and fat. You can eat all the things in moderation, but avoid all carbohydrates or fatty meals at a time.

As part of a healthy diet, add plenty of lean proteins. The list should include fresh poultry, meat, soy, fish and dairy products. These fresh proteins would help you in building muscles, strengthen bones and stimulate body growth. Try to stay away from simple carbohydrates such as cakes, pastry, pizza, sweets and soda. Eat adequate amounts of Vitamin D and calcium too. Green leafy vegetables, dairy products are good sources of calcium. Studies have shown that zinc stimulates body growth effectively. So, try to add zinc-rich foods like wheat germ, squash seeds, peanuts, crab and pumpkin into your daily food chart. Try to include every food to increase height in kids.

2. Stretching Exercises

Stretching is one of the most effective ways to increase your child’s height. Simple exercises that involve stretching are a must. An exercise you can get your child to try is to stand against a wall with his back towards it. Ask him to raise his hands and stretch as far as he possibly can. The next step is to sit with his back against the wall on his toes and stretch the muscles in his leg. This can be repeated ten times every day.

Another fantastic stretching exercise is to get your child to sit on the floor with his legs apart as wide as possible. Let him bend his waist and stretch to touch his toes, about four times on each leg. This is a beneficial exercise as it helps in the elongation of his spine and improves his posture.

3. Hanging Exercises

Does your kid love hanging from bars at the playground and at home? Well, that’s great! Hanging exercises are effective in elongating and straightening your child’s spine. Pull-ups are a fantastic way to promote growth, so encourage your child to practice this regularly.

Chin-ups are also awesome growth-enhancing exercises that your child will love. Make sure that he practices every day for about 10 minutes.

4. Yoga

Yoga asanas such as Surya Namaskar are ideal in helping kids grow tall. The pose allows the body to stretch completely, encouraging growth in height. Make sure your child does simple breathing exercises before beginning.

Chakrasana is another great yoga exercise that will get your child to stretch his entire body. This involves lying flat on the back with legs apart. Get your child to bend his knees, touching his buttocks and bend his elbows so that his fingers touch his shoulders. The next step is to breathe in and push his body up to create a U, staying in this position for as long as he can.

5. Skipping

Skipping is an active that many kids love and it can be used as an exercise to promote your child’s growth. As he skips, his body stretches and hence, he grows a few inches every time he performs this exercise.

6. Swimming

This is another great workout to make your child grow taller. It also helps him exercise his entire body, giving him strength and health.

7. Ankle Weights

This is another effective way to enhance your child’s height. The sole purpose of this workout is to stretch the lower part of the body. The cartilage between your child’s knees is stretched, making him taller. Make sure that small weights are used and increase them as your child grows older.

8. Jogging

There is no end to the benefits of jogging, even for adults. To make your child grow taller, encourage him to jog every day and accompany him so that it is a more enjoyable experience.

With these eight exercises, you can help your child grow taller and help him have a healthier outlook on life by being physically active!

Medicine Ball Exercises

It may sound clever that just by utilizing a prescription ball you can fabricate your muscle control and reinforce your center muscles. However, the truth of the matter is, the point at which these activities are performed constantly, it demonstrates how well a drug ball can be added to your every day administration to build up a bad-to-the-bone physical make-up.

The ball pharmaceutical workout is a replication of your errands you perform in your everyday life and subsequently, is anything but difficult to build up your center muscles.

Rather than concentrating on only one muscle control, you will focus on numerous center muscles in the meantime.

The prescription ball helps you offset your body vitality.

The medication ball workout administration helps you to develop resistance and lift things which are substantial in weight like basic supply packs, cans, furniture and some more.

So here are the main 10 practices explained to make you fit and sound, just with the assistance of a ball:

1. Big Circles

The medicine ball is normally of 8 pounds and all one needs to do is move it in a different direction while stretching and flexing one’s muscles. The big circle is as simple as its name. You just need to hold the ball, and not changing the distance of the circumference in front of you, rotate the ball clockwise while holding it downwards and bringing it back to the same position. Just remember the process needs to go slow and not in haste.

2. Woodchopper

The woodchopper is an exercise which focuses on your arms, back, thighs and hips. It’s like doing your squats; only change is that you lift the ball and pull it down as if cutting a log of wood and going up straight. Perform this with a nonstop movement of 15 repetitions to attain a perfect shape.

3. Standing Russian twist

The standing Russian twist is quite easy and helps you create a balance and also works in building eye and hand coordination. As you hold the medicine ball in front of you raising both your hands till your chest level, take a deep breath and twist to one side. Do the same thing in the opposite side and regain your position.

4. Squat To Press

In this exercise, you have to do the squats with an addition of the medicine ball. Pressing the ball and holding it towards your chest you squat down till you have your thighs in the same line as your knees. Once you are down there, with a slight jerk you should straighten upwards and raise the ball high. One must repeat this at least 10 times to see desired results in a week’s time.

5. Medicine Ball Sit up

A sit up helps fortify the abs muscles and when done with a medicine ball, it helps the chest and the torso muscles too. As you lay down, hold your medicine ball in line with your chest and then just sit up and go down.

6. Romanian Dead Lift

The Romanian dead lift is the best balancing act one can perform. You can hold a medicine ball in one hand and lift the hand in the same line as you chest. Then bend forward on the leg which is on the same side as the hand holding the ball. You should not let the ball touch the ground while you do this. Form a T position by balancing your body on one leg only. Repeat the same exercise on the other leg to complete the entire regime.

7. Toe Touch

The toe touch allows you to concentrate your entire energy on your abs and abdominal muscles. As you lay straight holding the ball on your head, lift your head and legs till the ball and the toes meet each other and slowly come back to the original position.

8. 45 Degree Twist

In this exercise, you need to take a position with the medicine ball straight in line with your chest with a 45 degrees lean backwards. As you set yourself, twist your torso with the ball towards one side without moving your legs. Stretch while twisting as much as possible and then repeat in the opposite direction.

9. Suitcase Crunch

The suitcase crunch is similar to a sit up, only the knee is lifted in the same line as the chest. As the instructions state, one needs to lie down straight, and while pulling up your knee towards your chest, let the ball move above the legs. The exercise must be performed on one leg at a time.

10. Medicine Ball Push Up

The medicine ball push up is no different than a normal push up; it just requires the support of the medicine ball.

Strength Training

Quality preparing is the way toward practicing with imperviousness to reinforce the musculo skeletal framework. In straightforward words, any type of practice that uses some kind resistance (like machines, dumbbells, resistance groups, or even self body weight), will reinforce the muscles and bones in the body, and this is Strength Training. It is frequently tended to by different names like resistance preparing, weight preparing, conditioning, and so on.

Why Are Muscles So Important?

Muscles are utilized each time the body makes a development. From flickering eyes to running and climbing stairs, for any movement muscles are utilized. Muscles can contract, unwind and discharge constrain. The more muscles the body has, the more is the calorie blazing limit, which implies these are metabolically dynamic tissues, which implies higher BMR. Aside from every one of the advantages of solid muscles, this is the highlight – muscles smolder calories, decreases fat, and makes us fit. Furthermore, quality preparing helps in building up these muscles. Not just while a man is practicing does he blazes calories, yet long after the workout is over.

How To Introduce Strength Training Workout In Daily Routine

To look like the ladies in the pictures who never seem to have gained a pound in their lives, we need to use such exercises to our benefit.

  • Perform the exercises in cycles, including at least three cycles.
  • Rather than low impact, monotonous movements, these exercises are high intensity with variations that will not be similar to each other.
  • Incorporate strength training routine for 3-4 days in a week.
  • Combine the routine with cardio exercises for best fat burning results.
  • It would take 2 to 3 months to see the sexy side you thought you never had.
  • Once you do, the lean muscle mass you gain would burn more calories on an average, and so, you would continue to look toned.

Strength training like other exercises must be done after consultation with your physician, and the classes should be with certified instructors. If you want to go solo on the same, the initial investment is only a pair of dumbbells and good shoes. Start with at least a 5 pounds dumbbell and build it up.

1. Warm-Up

The warm-up should be dynamic and should include stretching all the major muscle groups including legs, arms, and shoulders. There should be a 5-10 minute warm up, and the heart rate should be slightly elevated after the warm up.

2. Legs

Legs are the biggest muscle group and are able to bear the maximum weight. Squats and lunges are done in repetitions to build endurance. Leg raises and kicks are also a must.

3. Hips

Squats and kicks make up this portion. Skier squats are particularly challenging.

4. Shoulder And Arms

Various push-ups and plank positions are repeated to increase endurance. Bicep curls add further to the torture.

5. Chest

The most common exercises include chest flies.

6. Cool Down

Cool down includes static stretching and bringing the heart rate down.

It’s recommended to introduce two upper body and two lower body strength training sessions (four in total) in one week. Never target same muscles on two consecutive days. Another option is to do a full body routine three times a week. Cardio can be done for 15-20 minutes prior and after these routines as warm up and cool down. Long duration cardio or the lat pull down HIIT can be performed on the rest days between each resistance training routine.

Know The Benefit of Joining A Gym

# A large number of gathering Exercises – For somebody who gets exhausted effectively and is daring these wellbeing clubs offer bunch aggregate activities from the attempted and trusted to the outrageous. A portion of the classes offered incorporate heart stimulating exercise, steps, Pilates and additionally the present prevailing fashions including Zumba® work out schedule and aeronautical wellness schedules. Indeed, even the most neighborhood rec center will offer some free classes and some paid classes. Talking about individual encounters sharing in gathering activities is fun and makes you more uninhibited when you see individuals of any age and size shake their goods.

# Concessional access to master wellness specialists like mentors, masseuses and nutritionists-All of the wellbeing clubs brag of a board of specialists and access to them is more reasonable then searching out these administrations independently. Indeed a blend of guided practice and nourishment is the way to viable and enduring weight reduction and wellbeing. Health focuses give an assortment of preparing bundles for new patterns. Access to specialists will help in keeping up energy and recharged center and inspiration towards the wellness objectives. These specialists tailor the projects to the individual needs making them more viable.

# Access to Gym Equipment – Unless we have a huge property with a lot of area to spare I’m sure you will find it difficult to outfit your home workout area with all the up-to-date gym equipment and other weight training tools. The most effective mode of weight loss and maintenance is balanced cardio with weight training. Wellness centers provide easy access to them. A workout is usually a combination of cardio on machines like treadmills ,elliptical(our old friends ) and newer equipment’s like cycle elliptical and Stairmasters in conjunction with weight machines for chest, arms and legs .Various tools such as hand weights, body bars and stability balls round out the workouts.

# All around the year access – Working out at home becomes monotonous and exercising outdoors is always subject to the whims and fancies of the weather gods. The comfortable temperature and ambience makes it more motivating to not miss out your workout in lieu of a big fat piece of samosa. State of the art entertainment systems and Television make it easy to sweat it out to the tune of Gang ham style to name a few .You can even catch up on news , a bit of light reading and Gossip .I swear it’s the best thing to perk oneself up with even fewer calories than a McDonalds milkshake.

# Access to healthy nutritionally dense snacks and foods – A lot of the wellness centres provide a smoothie bar and snacks for purchase which help you in the recovery phase of the workout and provide a healthy reward for sticking it out. Just don’t overdo it.
Wellness centres also provide a host of other benefits like Baby-sitting, Classes for children ranging from toddlers and teens and the centres are the best source of fitness information .So what are you waiting for – your fitness goals are as approachable to you as your nearest wellness centre. See you there getting fitter and stronger.

Tips to Increase Height for 25 years+

It is truly hard to build tallness after the age of 25, essentially because of the way that the bones quit developing at this age. Surgeries and development hormones which guarantee stature development in grown-ups are possibly hazardous and unfavorable for the body. In any case, with a couple traps and tips, it is conceivable to include a couple inches or if nothing else seem taller.

# Legitimate Diet and Nutrition

Legitimate eating regimen and nourishment assume an imperative part in enhancing your tallness. Your body ought to have the capacity to assimilate vitamins, minerals and supplements with a specific end goal to consolidate them into your framework for the correct development and tallness pick up. An adjusted eating routine rich in calcium, phosphorus, iodine and magnesium is critical for appropriate development. Admission of trans-fats and soaked fats ought to be limited as they are hard to process and meddle with the assimilation of supplements. Keeping in mind the end goal to get protein, sugars, amino acids and calcium required for sound development and advancement, consideration ought to be paid on expending the accompanying nourishment things.

  • Carrots
  • Egg yolk
  • Beef
  • Fish
  • Liver
  • Green vegetables
  • Potatoes
  • Nuts such as almonds and peanuts
  • Chicken
  • Beans
  • Peas
  • Fruits like apples and bananas
  • Milk and dairy products

The importance of calcium in the overall development of the human body cannot be ignored. This nutrient is vital for the growth and maintenance of strong bones and cartilages. Thus, it is advisable to have milk and dairy products to fulfill your calcium requirements. Apart from this, you should also drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water daily to detoxify your body.

# Exposure to Sunlight

Sunlight is one of the most important sources of vitamin D. Vitamin D contributes to your height in the greatest way because of its effect on bone growth. Exposure to sunlight allows your body to get the required dose of Vitamin D. Sunbathing, especially early in the morning or late afternoon, can be very beneficial because the ultraviolet radiation is at its lowest during this time.

# Stretching and Exercise

Exercise is extremely crucial to gain good height as growth is stimulated when the body is being exercised and stretched. Apart from exercise, sports activities like cycling and swimming can also help in increasing height. The exercises given below might be helpful in gaining some height after the age of 25 years.

  •  Stand erect and keep your back straight and feet touching each other without any gap in between. Now slowly lift your hands up till your shoulders and hold it for a few minutes. Move your arms backwards. Inhale while moving your arms upwards and exhale while moving your arms downwards. This exercise gives an appearance of being tall by making your posture erect.

  • While lying down on your back, stretch your left foot towards the right foot and vice versa. Then bring back your feet to their normal position.
  • Bar hanging i.e. holding the bar that is 6 to 7 feet above the ground and swinging your body while hanging from the bar can be beneficial. The back should be kept straight while swinging on the bar.

# Yoga

Apart from regular exercising, practicing yoga also helps in maintaining the correct posture and thus contributes not only to height gain, but to the overall development of your body. The different yoga positions make your body supple, besides stimulating the growth hormones.

  • Tadasana: Also known as the mountain pose, this position helps in lengthening your spine. Feeling your feet on the ground, you should stand with your shoulders relaxed without slouching or hunching forward. The leg muscles should be kept strong and the face or jaw should not look tensed.
  • Bhujanga: This position is also known as the cobra pose. Start by stretching your face down on the ground. Press your lower body firmly against the floor while spreading your fingers below your shoulders and tucking your elbows to your sides. While keeping your lower body in contact with the floor, you should inhale and raise your upper body by straightening your arms. Make sure that you raise your body only as far as possible and keep your buttocks firm. This will cause the lengthening of your spine. This pose should be maintained for a slow count of 15. After this, lower your upper body while exhaling. Practicing this pose repetitively enables you to maintain a longer spine while standing, sitting and moving, and thus, increase your height.
  •  Stretching: Stretch yourself on a daily basis after having a bath while your muscles are warm. After walking for 5 minutes, gently shake each arm and each leg to loosen up and release tension. The entire side of your body should be stretched, starting from your fingertips through your shoulder and hip till all the way to your toes. This sequence should be repeated at least 3 to 5 times for best results.

Proper Sleep

Adequate sleep is absolutely essential due to the fact that the growth hormone does its job of thickening and lengthening your bones during deep sleep. Correct sleeping posture is also crucial for proper growth. Deep sleep on a daily basis in conjunction with proper diet and exercise should be achieved and the following tips should be followed to facilitate deep sleep.

  • Use a comfortable and firm mattress.
  • Always wear clean, soft and comfortable clothes while sleeping.
  • Ensure that the room is dark and quiet while you are asleep.
  • A warm bath before going to sleep greatly enhances the quality of your sleep.
  • Relax and practice deep breathing before going to sleep.

Though it is difficult to increase height after the age of 25, by following the above-mentioned steps and with the correct approach, one can reap beneficial results.

Dumbbell Exercises

Today’s sedentary lifestyle has made it extremely important for people to exercise regularly. Dumbbell exercises form an essential part of any strength training program. The most important benefit of dumbbell exercises is that along with strengthening the main muscle, it gets you input from other vital stabilising muscles as well.

Read on to know about top 10 dumbbells exercise and their benefits.

1. Chest presses on stability ball

Benefits: Balance is the main ingredient of this exercise which a good variation of the classic dumbbell presses.

Execution: You start by lying on the ball by distributing your head, upper shoulders and upper back’s weight evenly with the rest of the body which is away from the ball. Your feet must fall flat on floor and then you stretch your arms with dumbbells till they are straight and repeat.

2. Russian twists

Targets: abdominal muscles and lower back by twisting motion of one’s abdomen.

Benefits: Extremely helpful for people who want to build their upper torso for sports like
baseball, swimming, golf, hockey etc.

Execution: Sit on the floor with bent knees and heels pressed to floor. Then lean back, try feeling the engage and lift the feet off the floor. Try to touch the dumbbell to the floor by twisting a little to right and keep repeating with both sides. This is one of the best dumbbell exercises for abs that shows some amazing results.

3. Side crunches

Targets: Biceps

Benefits: Better grip and strengthening other areas of arms.

Execution: Stand with your feet together and hands down. Hold dumbbell in one hand. Now touch the temple by the fingers tips of left hand. Bend to your right with the left elbow pointing up.

4. Seated shoulder press:

Targets: Upper body muscles

Benefits: Helps in day to day functioning and improves strength.

Execution: Hold the dumbbells in each hand to the sides of the shoulders and the elbows below the wrist. Now you press your arms upwards until they are extended right over the head and bring them back in starting position again.

5. Reverse flies

Targets: Upper back, shoulders, rear shoulders and spine muscles

Benefits: Strengthens your shoulders and upper back. Helps improve posture of the upper body.

Execution: You sit on the stability ball and hold dumbbells in each hand. Bend down from your waist so as to keeping your hands behind ankle. Now start raising the dumbbell from your sides with thumbs pointing downwards. Bring back to the first position and repeat.

6. Front raises

Targets: Shoulders

Benefits: Helps in upper body weight training.

Execution: Stand on your feet and hold a dumbbell in each of your hands. Now lift the right arm up keeping your elbow until it becomes parallel to the floor. Now go back to starting position and repeat with left arm.

7. Upright rows

Targets: Shoulders and trapezius muscles

Benefits: Great supplementary exercises for shoulders and traps as well.

Execution: Stand upright for this with feet shoulders-width apart. Keep dumbbells close to the body raise them to the chin. Hold it till count of two and go back to start position. Repeat at least 10 sets.

8. Shrugs

Target: Trapezius muscles

Benefits: Strengthens and releases the tension in the trapezius muscles.

Execution: Just stand straight with dumbbells in your hands. Now just raise your shoulders straight up, as if you are shrugging. Hold it for 2 counts and release.

9. Triceps kickbacks

Targets: Triceps.

Benefits: Strengthens triceps.

Execution: Stand upright next to a bench with one arm and leg on the bench and the upper body parallel to the ground. Hold the dumbbell and raise the arm so it is parallel to ground. Return to start position and repeat.

10. Wide arm row

Target: Back and upper body

Benefits: Strengthens back and upper body.

Execution: Stand in a squatting position. Now grab a dumbbell in each hand and lift up both dumbbells without changing the knee position. The video given here explains a step to step procedure for the exercise.

Biceps Exercises

Biceps are a standout amongst the most observable parts of the body and involve status for a couple of us. Biceps require fixation and a set day by day routine to truly develop and create.

Weightlifters love to develop it as a piece of their calling while ladies and couple of men love to have them conditioned in a fitting way. Advantages of biceps activities are recorded underneath:

  • Helps in creating solid bones
  • Evades weariness
  • Expands stamina
  • Helps in de-pushing
  • Administration of incessant conditions
  • Lessens wounds

Let’s take a look at the Top 10 Exercise for Biceps

1. Hammer Curls

This can be listed as the best exercise for biceps. Set up your push up position and grab a pair of dumbbells, balancing yourself on them. Rest one hand on the floor and lift the dumbbell with the other; repeat the same with the other and curl up your arm holding on to the dumbbell for at least few seconds. Continue with 15 repetitions each on both sides. Avoid speeding up as it may cause internal muscle catches.

2. Kneeling Single Arm Curls

This is similar to the hammer curl but you have to kneel down, keep your body straight, and your toes poited outwards. Hold the weight with one arm and curl up with 5 repetitions each and bend your elbows, concentrating on the biceps each time you pull the dumbbell up. Repeat this with the other arm.

3. Split Jack Curls

Hold your dumbbells as you stand erect. Each time you do split jacks, pull them towards your shoulder. It’s like your lunges with dumbbells, in which we apply pressure on the biceps and thighs. A set of eight on each side with two repetitions will serve the purpose of carving the biceps in the desired manner.

4. Jumping Jack Hammer Curls

This exercise may require a resistance band and it proves beneficial in its presence.  Targeting the hip during lunges is a proper position but with lunges and squats, including a resistance bands helps in giving the biceps the pressure that it requires.

5. Squat Concentration Curls

This exercise is fun but needs a lot of energy. Keeping your weights on your shoulder and performing sit ups is a part of this exercise. This tones the inner thighs. But as the main weight of the dumbbell is borne by the arms, the focus gets shifted to the biceps.

6. Eccentric Dumbbell Curls


The Eccentric Dumbbell Curl is an awesome workout for muscle growth. The video specifies a step by step instruction on how to focus the pressure on the biceps and generate more energy.

7. Barbell Curls – Lying

This exercise is quite a cheat code as it needs you to take a support of the preacher. The preacher curl forms a support and prevents you from falling. This exercise will give your bicep what it needs the most in the long run.

8. Cable Preacher Curls

Leaning on a preacher, pull the strings facing towards you. The exercise helps you build your biceps and shape them in the most desired manner.

9. Concentration Curls

Just as the name is, the curl is all about concentrating on one part of the bicep area. As you pull the dumbbell upwards, the muscle gets stretch and the area gets flexed.

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10. Flexor Incline Dumbbell Curls

This is one of the major and the best session in the dumbbell curls section. Even Arnold maintained a complete regime on it and attained the muscles that he has now.